A bit of an update

     Last week there were many milestones celebrated in the Thielke household. On October 2nd, we celebrated the two year anniversary of the removal of Trevor's brain tumor. This was a pretty big deal, because we were told if it had not returned by now, it most likely won't. Talk about a huge weight lifted off our shoulders! 
     We also celebrated Jeremiah's birthday...he turned two! It was a pretty fun day, full of shopping and eating(which he loves best!) He didn't get a good nap, so by the time we finally gave him his cake, which he had been asking for ALL day, he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Literally. I have the video of us singing him Happy Birthday and it was not a pretty sight. I will post that when I can find it..
     For his presents he got a bunch of trucks and cars, which he loves right now, and a remote controlled train set. It's pretty cool, but I think we adults had way more fun than the kids did!
     Monday, Trevor left on his VERY first business trip! He traveled to Fargo, ND with the other Store Managers, and is currently sitting in on a bunch of really fun meetings._(Not sure what that is...)
     We were pretty excited about this opportunity, because it definitely helps us feel like the promotion is real. Not that him working when he gets off work and the extremely larger check didn't help us realize it, but it sure helped! 
     Also, my sisters and I just discovered that even though all three of us are in 3 completely different states, there is this amazing thing called SKYPE. :) Yeah, we're a little behind on the times, but I sure loved seeing them in person.

     Not much else new or exciting happening. You'll be the first to know if it does though...
     Also, check out this cool new thing I learned how to do! 
I totally made that all by myself! Yay!

Blessings Friends


  1. love the picture you made its soo cool what did you use!?

  2. I used Picasa and Picnik! It was my first try and I can't wait to keep at it! Thanks! :)


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