Perfectly Imperfect

Raise your hand if you are perfect. 

That's what I thought.

I didn't raise my hand either.

I'm well aware of the fact that I am not perfect. Except, sometimes, I don't remember that others are not perfect either. I like to compare, daydream how my life would be so much better if it looked like hers or hers. 

And it's all to easy, in this world of Twitter and Facebook and social networking, to only show people what you want to show them. To build this image that isn't the whole you. 

In Church we're going through a series in Galatians. 


Via Shabby Apple
Sweet, sweet words to a Mama who stays at home and reads all these cute little SAHM blogs and sits in her messy house and wonders how in the world they have time to reupholster ( I had to Google how to spell that BTW) a chair they just bought for .50 at Goodwill, and it ends up looking like something you would buy at some really fancy furniture store.  

And then I stumble upon this blog today, and I can breathe a little easier still. 

Other moms do not have it all together. Other moms let things slide, and don't do this or don't do that, and they are okay with it. Like, really okay with it. I know this, and yet sometimes I get caught up in the pull of perfectionism as a Mama and Wife and Woman.

She encouraged others to share areas where they do not have it all together. Things they don't do. Just a short little list to encourage other mommies that things do not have to be perfect, you do not have to have everything color coded and shiny and have your kids never throw a fit in public. Or like when you see a food encrusted fork sitting there after the dishwasher has run, and you leave it in there because it's easier to do that instead of hand washing it. Yep. Been there. Done that. 

So here is my list of things I don't do. 

  • I don't vacuum (Googled that one too) my house every week. 
  • I don't make a big home cooked meal once, or twice, or even three times a week.
  • I don't think peace and goodwill towards my children all the time.
  • I don't respect my husband every day. 
  • I don't sew or knit or mend or do anything with a needle, thread, or sewing machine. 
  • I don't clean when my kids go down for a nap, because it's my only time where the house is completely silent, and I can actually think straight. 

That list, there are some things I am okay with. Like the vacuuming and the knitting. Other areas I know I fall short in, and I'm on my knees every morning begging God to refine my heart, to give me the patience, the love, the kindness that I need every single day. It's not supposed to be easy. Or as my pastor said, "Sanctification isn't something that happens easily or right away." I'm resting in His grace today, and actually doing my laundry. Not because I'm a bad person because it doesn't get done, but because I'm all out of underwear. 

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  1. LOVe this post. perfectly imperfect is how god mad everyone. like you said it might look like everyone has it together, but i dont vaccum my floor weekly either!!! :) I actually dont do anything thats on your dont list either. except sew, mostly stuff animals.. AND I google how to spell anything that i dont know how to.

  2. I hear you, friend! Its hard to not compare oneself...especially to those who seem to have it all together. I know they don't, but you are right, that is what they put out there. Theres a lot of things on the list I don't do too...

    I don't get up before my child and do things in the morning and when he goes back to sleep after I feed him, so do I!
    I don't fold my laundry right away. Sometimes it sits for two weeks before it gets folded and put away!
    I watch too much tv when I have free time!
    The list goes on and on...and I'm right there with you when it comes to not respecting my husband everyday. So hard sometimes!

  3. Loved this post!

    I don't have unconditional patience with my children.
    I don't always do the dinner dishes until the next day.
    I don't serve organic, or even healthy, food to my family.
    I don't read my kids bedtime stories and I don't read the Bible as often as I should.
    I don't clean when my kids are napping either. Like you said, precious peace!


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