A Poem for my Miah

Jeremiah Daniel Thielke

You're timing was perfect,
although many second guessed.
We were thrilled to find out
you would soon be our guest.

Those 9 months went by
so very slow.
I wanted to meet you,
I wanted you to know...

That I always dreamed of your face
Your eyes 
and your hair
I knew we would make the bestest pair.

Timing isn't always what we want it to be.
You came when life was beating down
on your Daddy and me. 

But your tiny toes,
your fingers and smile,
kept our hope and love strong,
for more than a while.

You were the happiest baby 
the world had ever seen.
And I fell in love everyday,
I'll tell you what I mean...

Your first smile, your first sit
and step
Your first word, sentence 
oh how my heart leapt!

You're two now, my love, 
my darling and dear,
and our love grows stronger,
with each passing year.

I cannot express how proud
how happy
or content
I am to be the Mommy of such a fine little gent!


  1. Marybeth, this is beautiful!

    Happy Birthday to the little man!

  2. Amazing poem, Marybeth! I was very moved by your post that went along with the Laura Story song. I actually have that included in a draft for a Peace post, Trust that God is a Good God. Your post was so eloquent and heart-felt!

    Two is so fun!!


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