A Bear Cub Halloween

Last year for Halloween, Trevor and I stayed home and handed out candy for the first time in our married life (The first year we were married we threw a Halloween party for the Youth Group we pastored). Jeremiah was only 1 year old and I was 17 days away from having a baby. 

This year's Halloween was really fun! Us and a group of friends all dressed our wee ones up as Zoo animals! We had a turtle, a lion, a rhino, a giraffe, an elephant, and two bears! My boys were the bears!

Jeremiah was the cutest thing walking around in his big ol' bear costume. His belly and bottom jiggled with every tiny step he took, and when he ran, it was just the funniest thing!

Judah just sat in his stroller, sucking on a sucker, not really understanding what in the world was going on. 

Some of my favorite quotes from the night from Jeremiah:
  • In relation to who gave him candy: "Thank you bowl!" & "Thank you dog!" (There was a little dog standing in the doorway when the guy gave him candy)
  • "Jeremiah say 'Trick or Treat!" Miah: "I want more candy." 
  • "Goodbye door!" 
And everyone else's favorite part of the night...when Jeremiah picked up a "stick" off the ground and I went to fish it out, only to find a big ol' dog turd in my hand. Everyone got a pretty big laugh out of it. Me, not so much. :) 

Overall, it was a fun night, and Jeremiah did really well with keeping his candy in his bucket. And boy did we get a lot of candy! 

Oh, and I was just reminded...Christmas is 53 days away! 

 Here are some more pictures and a video...

Jeremiah saying Trick or Treat

I hope your Halloween was fun as well! 


  1. Last night was so much fun! You sure did have some cute bears.


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