Misc. Monday

1~ I've started reviewing books for this company and I am way excited! 

2~ After a full week of sickness between my family and the family I do daycare for, everyone is finally healthy!

3~ I am loving the new
Christmas CD!  My husband suprised me with it one night this week after he closed and got home past midnight...definitely made it up to me! 

Found here

4~ Trevor has been closing a lot lately, and it's driving me insane! The only reason I made it through this weekend of closing was the fact that he had today off, and he got called in! Grr!

Found here
5~ I am excited for Thanksgiving! Trevor is working the entire day BUT my babies and I have A LOT to be grateful for, and we are going to celebrate!
6~ My church had their annual Jubilee last night, where we get to hang out with our Lifegroups and eat and just fellowship, and it was a pretty fun night =) 

7~ It's a short week this week! Yay! 

8~ This is our newest addition to our Christmas tree! Isn't he adorable? =)

9~ Inspiration for my week: 
Found here

Linking up with Lowercase Letters today for some Misc. Monday fun! Come join us! 


  1. Glad everyone is healthy again. Sick babies are hard on everyone!

  2. thank you so much for your sweet comment! i also am loving the michael buble christmas cd - it's perfect & has me even more excited for the holiday season. so glad y'all are all healthy again - hope you have a great week!

  3. Just reading your posts ab9out your little one's, about you, about your love for your husband ... all so very honest and true to yourself.
    Such beautiful words ...
    Happy Monday, and be kind to you:)

  4. My husband has been working overtime recently as well. I never really thought about how much that impacts the family until he's been working overtime a lot recently. I just keep remind myself that work is good. :-)

    Reviewing books sounds like fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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