Piper Lou and thoughts on Sisterhood

     It's happened twice now...in the early morning hours I've received two phone calls from freshly blessed Mamas...their sleepy voices filling my mind with visions I wish with everything inside of me I could see in person. 
"I'm breastfeeding..." Her voice is filled with awe, humbleness and so much love my eyes instantly fill with tears. 
"She's so beautiful..." Her voice is so exhausted, but filled with the unhindered, unconditional love of an hour old Mama. 
     And there is something that happens in my heart each time they call, each time I hear that sweet baby's gurgles and coos from hundreds of miles away. My heart expands and I feel so much at once...awe at the strength of my two little sisters, pride for the hearts of gold and love they have, and an excitement that they too will grow and change in all the ways only a first child can bring. 
     It's odd, your little sisters becoming Mamas. Odd in a good way of course, but so very surreal all at the same time. 
     Just yesterday Jess was 3, wide-eyed and full of so much free joy and laughter. She constantly kept our family giggling at her antics. I remember her when she was so little...the rough growing up years full of firsts and lasts...
     Just yesterday Crystal was 3, tiny and quick to laugh, full of mischief and ornery. She was the mediator, the glue that kept us all together, the confidant I entrusted with some of my deepest secrets. 
     And now they are both Mamas, and I feel something akin to sadness, right there alongside the crazy pride and fierce love. Sadness that their Mama couldn't be there, right there with them. Sadness for the hard times I know are ahead, because I endure them too, with no Mama to call and ask the hard questions, the ones you don't want to ask friends or a doctor. 
     But we won't think of that right now...we will rejoice in new life and the blessing of a freshly born baby girl, so beautiful and so very loved already. I love you Piper Lou. 



  1. Oh my goodness, I just love this blog entry. It's beautiful! It made me want to go hug my sister! Thank you for sharing! *your newest follower*


  2. Sweet post. It must break a little piece of your heart, to celebrate new babies without grandma there to celebrate with you. But how wonderful that their big sis could share their special moments with them :)

  3. Somehow I didn't realize both your sisters were having babies!
    Mommyhood gets to you... makes my heart happy when some of my friends are having babies!

    And her name...Piper...love it!


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