One thing I am definitely not good at staying.

My heart yearns for connectedness. Fellowship. The entwining of heart and soul with others who share the same passions, dreams, hopes, loves.

But it’s all too easy to believe the lies.

No one wants to be your friend. You are left out. You are alone. They will just say no anyway, and no one will show up.

How easy it is to isolate, when it’s all too common for friends to stay “connected” through Facebook or Twitter, or even email.

But that is not what my hearts yearns for.
I desire laughter and to see the person, face to beautiful face.
To hear the emotion in their voice and see it reflected in their eyes.
To make a person feel valued by making eye contact and really listening.
To take part in life with others.
In person.

I’ve stepped out in some big ways these past few weeks, and while some moments have been more fruitful than others, this wall that was built around my heart at such a tender age is being taken down, brick by brick, coping mechanism by coping mechanism.

And you know what? I’m getting better at staying connected. And that’s all that matters. Not being perfect at being or staying connected. But learning and always being open to try harder.

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  1. I feel the same way! Your post connected with me. I yearn to be more connected than the electronics in our lives allow us to be; to reach out and really connect with people. And to do so in person means so much to our lives and our well-being. God bless.

  2. Its good to read your wall is coming down!

    when should we date again?

  3. Nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and leaving a beautiful comment. I appreciate that. I'm most impressed that a young woman like yourself is not afraid to change and to confront her past hurts to move forward. It's taken me much longer. I'm rooting for you! Blessings.

  4. I understand this... I struggle with this too! I even struggle with friends I've had for years, good friends...letting them in, being open and honest. Its hard. I don't know why I'm so scared of fearful. I'm glad these past few weeks you've been able to work on it! Love you, friend!

  5. great post...I can relate...stepping out...taking is hard...but to be connected we must be willing to hand someone a chord to be plugged in...
    Blessing to you...

  6. I feel soo much the same way. wanting to get connected but not always wanting to share everything. Or worried what others will think... great post!

  7. Marybeth, Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! I think that social media is a tool that helps us keep in touch with friends, but agree with you in that a person to person contact is when a deep connection is made. Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  8. I don't think people really knows or understands the benefits of being connected, not until one has experienced all it's hurts AND benefits. Kudos to you for making the choice to try to connect as you best know how to right now.

  9. i agree...its so easy to believe the lies and think it takes twitter/facebook to stay connected but i think we really need some face to face time sometimes. those other things work do work sometimes but you need actual interaction sometimes.

  10. thank you for leaving me a comment sweet sister !! your boys have awesome names !! i agree...Facebook makes me crazy! i have deleted over 100 people over the past year and I really want to delete my whole account because it is so impersonal. I prefer face to face even though I love to be home too. Wish we lived close...we could cocoon together !! God bless you and your sweet family.

  11. Sometimes it's hard to stay connected when you have wee ones as you do! I remember those days when the minutes poured out fast like so much water under the bridge. Good for you for making such an effort. You won't regret it,that's for sure. Things never seem to slow, no matter what the season.

    I hope your Christmas was sweet!


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