Judah turned 1!!

So Judah turned 1 about two weeks ago, and I totally forgot to document it on here! What?! So here we go...

     Judah Preston, has turned 1! I cannot believe it. They always say time goes by faster with the second one, but holy cow! A whole year already?!
     When I first found out I was pregnant with Judah, I was devastated. I was. We were not planning on having another baby so soon, and we were still dealing with Trevor healing. Jeremiah was only 4 months old when I got pregnant with Judah, and I cried in the bathroom for a really long time, scared out of my mind as to what this meant for me if Trevor died and left me with two babies.
     His pregnancy went by super fast. I don't really remember a lot of it. Most likely this is due to the fact that I had a baby, a recovering husband who was going to school full time and working, and I was working full time. It seriously felt like I was pregnant for just a couple of months. 

     The longer I was pregnant, the more I embraced the idea of having two so close together. Jeremiah would have a little playmate, and they would grow up to be super close buds. My sister and I are exactly the same amount of months apart as these two are! How crazy is that! I eventually came to terms with the fact that if Trevor were to die, I could and would do this on my own very well. With a lot of help of course, but God knows what He is doing and I trust Him! 
 I got so big with Judah. This is on Halloween night, 17 days before we had him. I honestly don't remember feeling that big! I remember looking in the mirror while I stood sideways and just being utterly shocked by the size of my belly! 
 Here you can read his birth story...it's quite intense! I sure hope this next one is a little more peaceful, but I just want a healthy baby boy. 

Here he is the moment he was born...

and a year later...

*Judah started walking right around his first birthday!! It's so cute to see him waddling around!

*He has quite the 1yr old vocabulary, including 
-Mama -Dada -Puppy -Uhoh -Byebye -Hi Rylie and others!

*He loves to wrestle with his big brother! He still gets pretty beat up, but he's learning to defend himself! 

*He stopped using a bottle, sleeps through the night every night, and evens eats his veggies! 

*He weighs 22lbs

*He loves a good laugh, and nobody can make him laugh like his big brother

I love you Judah Preston! I'm so glad you are a part of this family! 


  1. he is so adorable! happy belated 1st birthday to him!!!

  2. its so exciting when they get older!!

  3. Happy Birthday Judah! Our boys are close in age too. While having them so close in age can be challenging at times, it is so much fun to watch them interact and play with each other. They are best buds...so adorable!

  4. ok #1 just found your blog and so glad i did. #2 i LOVE your sons name! if we had a boy we were going to name him judah but we had a little paisley girl instead. #3 you are adorable. the end.

  5. What a sweet, sweet story!! So glad all your little fellas are doing great now! Happy Birthday little one!! xoxo Brooke

  6. Happy belated birthday, Judah! We are blessed to be a part of your life!


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