An elephant full of nerves, I am.

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     Lately, I've been feeling like the above picture. I know I'm not literally the size of an elephant, but I bet they feel pretty tired of carrying around all of that cumbersome weight. 
     Cumbersome. Heavy. Freaking done with this. Just some of the lovely side effects of carrying around one of God's greatest creations inside of you. Greatest, until they turn two and can say things like, "No thanks," when you tell them to clean up their toys. 
     I'm to the point in this pregnancy, where I move furniture and vacuum under it just because I can't stand the thought of their being dust bunnies under there for when #3 gets here. I'm to the point where my computer doesn't fit on my lap as I sit here typing cross-legged on the couch. I'm to the point where his kicks and punches just about convince me he's torn something vital. 
     And I'm so nervous. I'm really nervous. 4 1/2 weeks and he'll be here. We've kept the name a secret, I've packed a hospital bag just in case, I've washed and rewashed all of his little clothes, I've warned prepared his big brothers with news of the upcoming birth. I feel ready. But sometimes it just hits me outta the blue- three. Three kids, under three, all in diapers, all teething or napping or not napping or screaming for food. Sometimes I royally freak out when I try to picture it all. It's going to be really really hard. 
     And Trevor and I discussed this before we decided to have #3. We knew it was going to be crazy, we knew it was going to take a lot of patience. But here, on the 4 1/2 week anniversary of his birth, a little part of me is slapping us two all those months ago, shaking them (in my head, it's quite entertaining) screaming, "I'M 8 MONTHS PREGNANT WITH A TWO AND A HALF YEAR OLD AND A ONE YEAR OLD AND WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?!" 
     And I'm sure it'll be a lot easier than I am imagining it, what with feeling like an African elephant and all right now. I'm sure I'll have way more energy and these pregnancy hormones won't be tripping me out. Poor Trevor...sometimes I just want to get him something really amazing, like a forest full of deer so he can just go kill things. Just to show him how much I appreciate him, that I know what he has to deal with on a daily basis at home and work, and that I know his inner forest man needs to kill something
     Soon, so very soon, we'll be a family of 5, with 3 under 3, Trevor only 22 and me only 23. And really, it's perfect. For us. We may be investing in about a million gallons of milk and planting a mile wide garden soon, with how these boys eat (and I'm sure #3 will be just as hearty an eater), but it's perfect
     If you think about it, could you pray for me? For us? Just because we decided to have 3 under 3 doesn't mean we're super human and it'll be a piece of cake for us. We'll need help, we'll need an extra 40 doses of patience and kindness, and we would love it if you could pray for that! Thank you so very much. =) 


  1. I'm praying for you friend!

  2. furthermore, our Lord is sovereign over this! it's not about you deciding or not deciding to have "3 under 3". Our Lord has created these lives. I don't doubt it's scary and out of our comfort zone etc. that's just it though! it's ALL Him. it requires ALL of Him in/through us. BEAUTYFULL.

    1. You are so does require ALL Him in/through us. I know I couldn't make it one second without His strength and divine guidance/help! Thank you for the's surprisingly easy to forget right now.

  3. I totally cracked up over the sweet notion of getting your Hubby a forest full of deer. Oh man, that is great! As for the Little's, God will preserve you, girl! He will.

    1. =) I think I put that in there because my hubbs and I are reading The Hunger Games series right now, and it's definitely on the brain! hehe

      He WILL preserve me...thank you thank you! <3

  4. Prayers said from here :).
    I can't imagine three under three. We have a two and a half year old who's potty trained and in a big girl bed and I'm not even pregnant. It's nice to be in a 'normal' routine but I also find myself yearning for another baby, especially because I want my daughter to have a sibling. You can do this :)!


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