I realized today that I tend to focus a lot on my babies and my Jesus with this blog, and my readers may not know a lot about me. Things I like, hobbies I'm into.  


Let's start out with something simple. 

My favorite color is green. Not lime green. I like sage green and dark forest green. And I love mustard yellow and delicate pink. 

I love taking pictures. Of anything and everything, but especially my boys! 
I don't even care if the pictures are very good. I just love the joy of getting behind that camera and capturing memories. 

I am so girly. I love that God has given me three boys and a husband, because that means I can be the Princess forever. I love pretty things like hair accessories and unique jewelry (but only in silver!) and shoes and scarfs, and doing my hair and makeup and dressing up...and just about anything along those lines. 

I am sentimental. So sentimental. My husband sometimes refers to it as hoarding, but I don't see it like that at all. 

I have given up drinking any form of alcohol. I'm pretty sure, with my family history, if I ever started drinking I would be an alcoholic faster than you can say....alcoholic. 

I'm a dog and cat person. I can't choose between the two. I love them both. 

I love to read. I will read anything, except that trashy soft-porn grossness, or horror stories. Oh, and computer manuals. Never really got into those. And I need a bookshelf. Obviously.

I love to write, although with life being life right now, it never happens. This blog is as close to writing as I have come in a long time. 

I'm a bit artsy. I love to paint and draw mostly. But like with the writing, it has taken to the back burner while I keep popping babies out. 

I pretty much have no left brain

I love to travel. I've been to some pretty amazing places, and hope to travel a lot more in life. 

I'm quite shy. This mainly comes from insecurities and my self-worth being super low (which Jesus and I working on!) but get me in a crowd of people and I'm lost. You most likely won't hear anything from me unless you ask me a direct question. 

I am addicted to caffeine. Mostly in the soda pop variety, but I do love me a good Peppermint Mocha. 

I love Mexican food. 

I love filling out forms. At offices or for school or for anything. 

I can never spend money on myself. It always comes down to buying my kids toys or extra stuff we need around the house. I'm terrible at getting myself anything. I think that's why I love Christmas and my birthday so much.

I love socks. Not white ones, but fuzzy, fun and cute ones. 

I love Jesus. Like, a lot. He's been there through everything, and even though He knows the real me, He still has this crazy wild love for me too. It's pretty awesome. 

Well, I'm done talking about myself. Now you know Marybeth a little bit better! 


  1. Let's play... meet Nicole, too! We have a few similarities.

    1. I love green, specifically of the emerald hue!
    2. I love taking pictures!
    3. I wish I was girly.
    4. I am sentimental, also.
    5. I rarely drink, there's a lot of alcoholics in my family, as well. *sigh*
    6. I love dogs and cats, but Jake hates cats. Pooey! If you ever get one, please let me cuddle with it.
    7. I love to read. Thank you, Jake, for my nook!
    8. I love to write.
    9. I used to want to be an art teacher. I took all the art classes in my high school, and "created" my own, too. I love art! I have fallen behind in my skills.
    10. There are sirens outside. Random FYI.
    11. I love traveling. My favorite place so far was NYC.
    12. I'm shy if I don't know people very well. I feel socially awkward a lot.
    13. I like a good dose of caffeine...
    14. ...and Mexican food. Though, I think I prefer Chinese, lately, anyway.
    15. I LOVE FORMS! I hate filling them out online. I like to use a pen and paper. For real. I love filling out those random surveys you get in the mail. Haha.
    16. I do spend money on myself occasionally, but I'm getting better. I love to buy things for others though, as opposed to myself.
    17. Fuzzy, warm, colorful socks are my favorite. And new socks. My sisters love socks, too. I gave them socks for Christmas.
    18. I love Jesus, but not nearly as much as he loves me, I must admit. I'm working on that too.

    And... That was fun. Aren't you glad we're friends?


  2. Ahh! We are so much alike in our interests it's insane! Love it! (and yes, jewelry ONLY in silver and I am seriously lacking in the left brain department)


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