Valentine's Day Swap!!

Ok, so something I love, love, love, is getting mail. If you know me, you know this! And I love a good blog swap! The last one I did was over a year ago, and I had so much fun! I just stumbled upon this one today, hosted by these lovely ladies...

And I am already entered! 

To be a part of's really simple...You send in your information, then you get paired up with another blogger, and you swap fun packages! Not only do you get to bless someone else, but you get some pretty awesome things too! 

This one is a Valentine Swap. Chocolates, Starbucks gift cards, a favorite CD, a creepy stuffed animal holding a huge heart (kidding!) 
Limit is $10-$15 max (how easy is that?!)
Via Pinterest via Sara Johnson via thedecoratedcookieblog   

I'm so excited to get my partner and start putting together a little package for her! 

You should join too! Just click on that button on the top of this blog post, and sign up! 

Sign up by January 23th, you will receive your partner by January 25th, you’ll need to have your goodies mailed out by February 1st, and the linkup party will be on February 14th!


  1. How fun!! Thanks for sharing! I'm new to the blogger world and this sounds amazing :)

    feel free to drop in

    1. Welcome to the bloggy world!! You should enter this swap to meet some new people! It's such a great way to do that!

  2. I love doing blog swaps, thanks for passing on the info!

  3. what a great idea! such a fun way to celebrate valentine's day :)

    1. I know right?! I'm so excited!!

  4. I love getting mail...I should really do the swap!


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