and repeat...

Right now, life is a lot about living simply, and repeat. 

 Laugh. Repeat.

Read. Repeat...and repeat.

Love. Repeat. A thousand times repeat. 

There is not much else I can do right now. 
Belly swollen with life. 
Exhaustion following after the simplest of tasks. 

And I have to be okay with this season of simples.

Love. Repeat. A thousand times, repeat. 

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  1. A--beautiful words; you are a wonderful writer.
    B--beautiful pictures! that new camera of yours is amazing and you are doing so great with it! love how you're focusing in on the tiniest details. judah's hand is just the cutest picture ever.
    love it!

    1. I LOVE my new camera. I'm seriously in love. =)

      Your words made me very happy! Thanks!!

  2. Love this post! Life is about repeating so much and love is definitely a good thing to repeat! =)

  3. Crystal Vigil2/6/12, 7:58 PM

    love seeing my nephews and my family in SD grow!!!!

  4. Ohhhh, do I know how you feel. I'm not pregnant, but life is FULL of repeats with little ones. And you really do have to get to a place where you're okay with that. Some days you need something fresh and new, just a sliver of it! Be it in your marriage, or yourself. God is faithful to provide us with those glimpses, to carry us through the repeats. I think we need bumper stickers that say: Life is Short- Love & Repeat ;)

    1. I'm so glad God gives us those glimpses to carry us through the repeats...and I LOVE that bumper sticker idea! =)

  5. this is so sweet. I stopped and thought about enjoying the simple things. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle 'n bustle of things. I'm going to stop and repeat with my girls tonight.:)
    thank you

    1. I'm so glad I could in some way help you!!! That blesses me greatly!


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