Love is hard.

I'm realizing something as a Mommy. Maybe even as a, definitely as a wife, too. 

Love does not come easily. The more valuable a love, the more depth and intimacy to a love, the harder it is. The harder it is to do. Because love, most of the time, boils down to a choice. 

Am I going to choose patience and kindness in this moment, when my two year old is telling me that he doesn't want me?  When he tells me wants Daddy, anyone but Mommy?

Am I going to choose understanding and self-control, when my husband lets me down? 

Am I going to choose love?

When all my learned coping mechanisms are screaming at me to lash out in anger and to hurt those who hurt me, love whispers calm, "Stop, remember, love is patient, love is kind, love keeps no record of wrongs..." 

Sometimes I fail. Actually, a lot of times I fail. Love is hard. 

And it should be. It's too easy to cling to resentment and bitterness. Too easy to surround yourself with the pain and hurt, lashing out and inflicting pain on those around you because you want someone, anyone to feel the pain too. 

But when love is chosen...when the impossibility of love becomes a reality, and you literally swallow that harsh word, as you feel the hotness of it going down and the coolness, the freshness of love coming out gets easier. You lay brick upon brick, building a road to somewhere foreign, somewhere majestic, where freedom and peace reside. You see hearts mending, not only yours, but those around you. Those you have hurt, through your own hurt. 

Love is hard. 

Love is a choice that isn't always the easiest, isn't always the best feeling in the moment. 
But it's always, always the most perfect, most freeing, most healing choice you can make. 



  1. AMEN. This resonates with me, very, very deeply. I find this especially real when I'm surging with pregnancy hormones and stress and sleep deprivation and a cold and morning sickness and loneliness...

    It is HARD. But it's SO worth it.

    Thank you for this, Mb.

    Love you.

    1. I'm so glad I could encourage you Nicole! I am praying God brings you comfort and healing in this crazy season!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    This hit home with me this morning as love has been really tough on my little family lately. This just reminded me of the healing power of love.

    1. You are SO welcome...I think we all could be reminded of the healing power of love often. I prayed for your family!

  3. Love is definitely hard and definitely a choice. I've been struggling with this too...failing with this...pretty much always, it seems. Thanks for your heart.

  4. So true! What a great reminder that love is about choosing especially in the challenging times.


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