The Makings of a Mama

Ahhh…Mothers Day is here. The one day a year where I sit back and reflect on the past three years in celebration, in wonder, in gratitude. The one day where we as Mamas are applauded for our efforts.

The efforts that you see…how polite Jeremiah is, how many words Judah knows, how healthy and strong Jericho is.

And the efforts that no one sees but our children, who have no idea the love behind every single act...the efforts that every Mother around the world should be given a gold medal of honor for, the efforts that leave us on our knees at the end of the day, bleary eyed, exhausted, heart and soul rung out dry from a day of pouring our entire beings into our heart and souls on the outside.

Every full plate of food knocked on the floor and nose upturned at. Every tantrum and screaming fit that doesn’t end up with the child locked in a closet. Every book read and read again...and again. Every booboo kissed. Every cry in the night when we shoot up as if we are on the very edge of consciousness, waiting for that very moment.

 Every tear that is shed in happiness, love and wonder. Every tear that is shed in frustration, fear, and guilt. Every silent prayer prayed. Every question yelled at God, asking where He is, why isn’t He helping?

Every moment we chose to play with our kids instead of checking Facebook, reading that last chapter, picking up that one room. Every dish we washed by hand. Every load of laundry we washed and folded, and even put away. Every floor we mopped and re-mopped. Every Lego we stepped on. Every toilet seat we wiped off before we sat down, having held it for hours upon hours so we could make sure our kids were taken care of. Every meal we forgot about for ourselves, because we were making sure our children had food on the table.

The moments you have no idea where you child is. The moments you worry and worry and worry. The moments you dream about what your child will do with what you are teaching him. The moments you feel as if everything you are doing is working. The moments where you feel as if everything you are doing is failing. The moments you love them. The moments you want to scream at them.

These efforts, these moments, these are what make a Mother.

 Mother, dear, sweet Mother…wherever you are today, however many children you have, whether they are with you or in Heaven with Jesus, or somewhere entirely different…I applaud you. I am taking notice of all the unseen efforts that go into that beautiful child who is clearly in love with you.

Pat yourself on the back today, Mama. You truly, truly deserve it. 


  1. Beautiful words my friend!

  2. (Oh, and this is Nicole, apparently Jake's logged into gmail. Whoops. Love you, Happy Mother's Day, Mb!)


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