But first, coffee.

You know those seasons in life where you are stretched almost to a breaking point, and you think to yourself, "I know God says He'll never give me more than I can handle, but I feel like I'm just about ready to step over that line" ?

That's where I'm at.

In the past week and a half...

Some big chains were cut free in my life, but the cutting felt like dying. I confessed some huge things to a dear friend. Our entire family got the flu...except for me. Trevor's job is an emotional roller coaster filled with crazy baboons high on acid. Not even kidding. Then I dropped my Nikon camera.

And today, one of the only things that keeps me sane day to day, my breath of fresh air at the end of a very long day trapped inside a house filled with poop... left for two days.

And I'm still alive.

Even though Jeremiah could win the award for most argumentative 2 1/2 yo in the history of every toddler ever. I swear this kid is a genius. He just talks, and talks and talks, and understands life concepts some 5 year olds don't. He outargues me on a daily basis. Sometimes I just close my eyes and breathe, shake my head. 3 hours till bedtime...2 hours till bedtime...

Even though Judah just about spills every plate of food, every glass of milk. Screams louder than anything I've ever heard. Slaps you in the face then laughs hysterically. Slaps Coco in the face then laughs hysterically. Opens the door to Coco's room while he's sleeping and pushes his swing at high speed when I'm not looking. And tops it all off with the stealing my coffee every chance he gets.

I'm surviving.

I'll get to the dishes in the sink that have been there only God knows how long.
I'll get to the food dried on the table, the floor, the counters, the walls, the kid's faces, the kid's bellies.
I'll get to the laundry piled so high in the laundry room you can't even see the washer (I kid, but almost.)
I'll get to brushing my teeth and showering and putting on something other than pajamas...maybe...

But first, coffee....
My life is messy. And I am so glad Jesus does messy.


This cracks me up every time. 


  1. I.Love.This.

    I am so glad Jesus does messy, too. I mean, I would paint that on my wall. Because it's true. We're all messy in one way or another, and we all need him. Especially in those seasons when we feel like we're drowning, slowly.


    1. I think I need to paint that on my wall too! Thanks for the comment. :) ((hugs))

    2. Jesus loves messy born in a barn, worked with wood. Hung out with prostitutes, sailors, tax collectors, the unclean of the Jewish world. He loves our very messy life. Me too

    3. Thanks Trevor...even though it looks I commented on my blog again ;) hehe. Love you husband!


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