Today, I will sit and listen as you tell me about your dinosaurs eating meat (but not other dinosaurs, just meat) because tomorrow, you will learning about dinosaurs in school and understand that they really did eat other dinosaurs.

Today, I will read you that story one more time, your "favorite story in the whole world", because tomorrow, you will be able to read it all by yourself…

Today, I will be your buddy outside, your only friend, because tomorrow, you will be running outside with a gang of boys for hours on end, and you won’t want to play with “mom.”

Today, I will pick you up and cuddle you when you are scared of that “bee,” because tomorrow you will be collecting them and telling me all their names.

Today, I will sop up that milk you spilt for the twentieth time, because tomorrow, you will know how to perfectly use a fork, a knife, a big boy cup, and be able to get down from that seat all by yourself.

Today, I will sit with you and rock you after nap as you wake up slow, cranky and tired, because tomorrow, you won’t need a nap, and I won't get these cuddles anymore.

Today, my sweet little Coco-Roo, I will nurse you and not put you in your crib right away, as you sleep so soundly, because tomorrow, you will be all done last baby to nurse.

Today, I will lay with you on the couch and just stare at you as you laugh and gurgle, because tomorrow, you will be running around the living room with your brothers like a crazy man, not wanting to just "hang out" with mama.

Today, I will inhale deeply this baby scent, because tomorrow, you will smell like a little toddler boy; dirt and sweat and outside.

Today, my love, I will do that huge mess of dishes with you, because tomorrow, we will be doing dishes for only two, and we will miss all those dirty plates and forks.

Today, I will run my hands through that crazy hair of yours, because tomorrow, you might not have any.

Today, I will hold your hand, and say I love you, because tomorrow…well, because tomorrow just might never come. 

All my love, Marybeth


  1. Umm... this made me bawl.<3

  2. Love this! Tomorrow comes all too soon doesn't it?

  3. that was amazing marybeth! love your inspiration, you are a wonderful mother, wife, and friend and dont you forget it!

  4. This is beautiful, Marybeth! It made me tear up! So true, so true.

  5. Beautifully written and so very true.


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