Lots of Changes!!

 Welcome to my new blog!! I'm still not done working on it, but I just couldn't wait to post this post! 

This newer design expresses my heart so much more. And I'm going in a new direction with this blog. It's going to be mainly about my family. I want to document our everyday and the not so everyday, so I can look back on vacations, firsts, and birthdays, and be able to fully remember the precious details. Remember my struggles and my triumphs in motherhood, friendship, marriage, life.

Trevor started a new job this month! He is now officially the Sales and Service Representative at Wells Fargo. He has been training in Omaha, which has been fun for him, not so fun for me. I suck at being a single Mommy. But Trevor loves his new job. And he gets a desk, which I have been having way too much fun decorating. 

 My littlest baby, Coco Roos (my own personal nickname, after the yummy chocolaty cereal) started solids last week! I can't believe 6 months has passed already...impossible. It seems as if the more children you have, the faster times speeds up. I'm afraid to blink, because I just know they'll all be starting Kindergarten and my heart will be breaking in joy and sadness as I watch them embark on their lives away from me. 

 AND! I was finally able to get my Baby Bullet! YAY!! I went to Wal-Mart to get it, but they were out. I was so bummed. But Target had it. Good old Target. You never let me down. 

I started with avocados. Everywhere I read, avocado is the food to start with. It's chalk full of vitamins, good fats, and tastes yummy. 

I had so much fun figuring it out! I started with the wrong top, because I also suck at reading directions. I have ruined so many recipes because I didn't read the directions fully. So frustrating. 

  The verdict? He LOVED them!!

He made a few funny faces, his brothers oohed and awed over him, and then he puked. A LOT. And cried and puked some more. And then was the happiest baby ever. Apparently, avocados do not agree with him. Good thing I didn't puree all 4 avocados!

 But he loved the peas I did for him for lunch. 

I know he's my third, and I have a baby every year (ha!), but with every baby I feel sorta like a new Mommy. Like I'm doing this for the first time. They have all been so different. 

 Lots of changes. Miah turns three on October 8th. Judah turns two in November. Then Coco, one, in February. 3 kids, married 4 years...abundantly blessed. 

All my love, Marybeth


  1. Oh I love it all Mary Beth! You are such a great photographer too.

    1. Thank you Rhonda! That makes me happy you say that, because my Nikkon is broken, and these are off my iPad! It does take great quality pictures!


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