Dirt and Fall

And just like that, the air changes. No longer is it heavy with the smooth scent of sun screen and hot concrete, but a million smells hit you all at once. Fresh smells. Smells that make you feel alive, though you don't really remember being numb. Leaves and dirt. Water and trees. It's as if you can reach out and cup the air, bring it to your nose, and inhale the expectancy of Fall.

This month has been one of change, where seasons have come and gone faster than I realized was possible. Being gone from home 2 weeks out of the past 4, it's been hard to hold on to reality. "Home" feels a little foreign. It's been nice to get away, to feel the changing of the seasons out of the comfort of our little home...but it's time for settling. The air is alive with the promise of Fall, our family, everyone's family, buckling down into what that means for each home. 

Being at my in-laws, I was able to get outside, dig in some dirt, not care about black encrusted nails, and experience hard, manual labor. How I have missed it. My step Dad, my Mom, my Grandma, they have all been a part of instilling in me a love for dirt and making the earth lovely. But oh, how you groan in torture when you are forced to work the ground as a young child. My cousin and sisters and I used to sing slave songs as we picked up twigs in our massive yard, or pulled weeds out of my Grandma's strawberry garden. Now, I can't think of anything else I would rather do.

My boys were able to learn how to drink out of a hose, something every child needs to experience. The cold water as it gushes down your arms, the thrill of a nice fresh drink, the sting of water as it fills your nose. The laughter that inevitably follows. We sprayed each other with the hose, laughed harder than I can remember, and were soaked and content. We had a treasure hunt in the forest. Threw rocks in the river. Collected walnuts. Threw leaves in a garbage can. Lived.

It will be nice to get back to Omaha this next week. It's been a good change, like the seasons. You don't fully appreciate one until you've lived through another.

All my love, Marybeth


  1. I love how you take 'ordinary' life and make it into an experience to be enjoyed.


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