Where we start teaching our sons about money

Photograph by me
The struggle seems to never end. Dollar in, dollar out. There is always a bill to pay, always something else we "need." We hold tight to each other, the valleys only making the mountain top that much more brilliant. But the everydayness of it all, the constant ebb and flow of debt and pay check to pay check, that can wear on even the strongest of unions. 
Photograph by me

All those months ago we enrolled in a class that changed our persepective, our hearts, our vision for our future. We have on again off again stuck to it, and we sometimes feel wise beyond our years when it comes to matters of the heart and money, for we have suffered and gained much insight at the expense of our wallets.

But we want to leave a legacy with our children. We want to leave them with more than we were given. We want our boys to know what it is to work hard, to save, to be a blessing to those in need. They will always be surrounded by greed, misfortune, glorified debt, and poverty. But we want them to add wisdom, grace, mercy, and patience to the world so fixated on the green. 

And so we begin the first step of the life-long journey of teaching them what money is, what it's used for, what it shouldn't be used for, why it's important to save, to give, to spend. How it's the root of all evil. How money, in itself, is not evil, but it is a very effective tool used by the evil of this world. How to be cautious to not give your heart away to a life chasing after money, for cast a glance at riches, and they are gone... 

A labor of love, these jars will hold coins earned through hard work and lots of grace. On the first of the month, all three boys will lug their treasure to the bank, to deposit into their savings, where they will keep 10% of it to give in the offering, another 10% will be taken to a store and they will be able to buy a treat, and the rest will be put into a savings account with their name on it. It's a baby step, but one we are excited to commence. You have to start pouring wisdom and love into them when they are young, for if you don't, if you wait until you are correcting a mistake in their lives, you will be entirely too late...

Miah, Judah, and Coco, may you always know we love you, and it is by our actions you will see this love. 

All my love, Marybeth


  1. I hear ya! I love your blog. I'm in the same boat as you right now. Sometimes it's smooth-sailing, but other days it feels like I'm in choppy waters, headed upstream, in boat without a paddle. Thank you for putting your honest feelings out there. You aren't alone! What an awesome God we serve.

    1. Aww thanks Charlee! We do indeed serve such an awesome God!! Thank you so much for the comment!!!!


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