Happy Friday! Life update!

Hello friends and family! 

I am so grateful you have taken time out of your busy lives to read my blog. I just wanted you to know I appreciate you! I know how hectic life can get, and the fact that you have chosen to spend some of that time reading what I have to say just makes me feel honored.

Life lately has been crazy! I can't share a ton of details about what is happening, but I just wanted to update you all on some major life happenings.

Some of you know that my Grandma Carol is currently really sick. Trevor, Coco, and I went down to North Platte 2 weeks ago to see her, and I've got to say, it was one of the most difficult times of life. What my Grandpa said really sums up what I felt as well; "It's hard seeing her like this. She was always such a strong woman, and to see her so weak and sick...it's just really hard." My Grandma was diagnosed with brain/lung cancer 3 months ago, after having just beat breast cancer the previous year. It was a shock to us all, and I struggled with being so far away from a family who was suffering. On our visit, it was decided that my Grandma, who I went to live with when I was in 5th grade, who cared for us as her own children, who was the one who was there through all my growing up and rebellious years, yet still welcomed me into her arms and home, was to be put on hospice care. 
I just cannot even explain the pain at hearing those words from my Grandpa, seeing the pain in his eyes, knowing there was nothing else that could be done. I was struggling with what to say to her...what do you say to someone who was just told she would go home to pass away, possibly really soon? I prayed with her, kissing her soft face, and looked into her bright blue eyes and told her I loved her, knowing it would be the last time I ever saw her again. Please pray for my Grandpa, who is at home with her, faithfully living out her final days with her.

I recently applied for a job! I had forgotten how extremely stressful that process can be...interviews and waiting and the fear of getting back out into the work place. It's been 2 years since I have worked outside the home, and I am so so so grateful that I was able to do that...and I would still be able to do that with this job as well. It's only 1 night a week, an overnight, so I will not miss any time with my boys, but I would be able to get out of the house and love on some women and children who are trying to get away from dangerous situations.  Please just pray for God's will in this, and that if it's not His will, that the door would be shut, but if it is, that it would swing wide open! 

Jeremiah turned 3 last month, and Judah is about to turn 2! 
Miah is getting so grown-up. He says things like, "This sure is fun, Mommy. Thank you so much for making this delicious supper. I sure love you." He is a riot. I'm starting a weekly blog post called, "Stuff My Kids Say!" Mainly because I don't want to forget these hilarious jems of funny they say! 
Judah is definitely 2. Most days he is just a tornado of screaming and hitting and throwing and tantrums. He had decided that Coco is own personal punching bag. He jumped on him so hard yesterday that Coco threw up everywhere. Some days I feel like it's impossible to get him to understand that Coco is a little baby and can get seriously hurt. I try to, but then Judah just stabs him with a fork or throws a can of soup at his face. Both of those happened yesterday. Jericho has shown mad survival skills. So far no causalities. 

We will be having another announcement coming later this month most likely....and no, no baby for the Thielke fam. In my Grandpa's words, "You finally figured out what was causing that, huh?' Ha. Ha. =)

All my love,


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