Judah's 2nd Birthday!

Judah and Grandpa Thielke

Boy, am I blessed to be this boy's mama! He tries my patience every single day, but I find myself 'ooo'ing and 'awww'ing over him way more than I want to scream and pull my hair out over what he gets into. 

His second birthday was so much fun for him. We let him choose his own breakfast, which, without hesitation, he chose donuts and chocolate milk. This kid has quite the sweet tooth! 

During the party, he was all smiles and screams of delight. Every single aspect of the parties I throw for my kids, are for my kids. Not for the guests (ok maybe a little) and not for me. I love to delight my kids. And these cupcakes...

Were a HUGE hit with him! He asked for "a miwian pupcakes" which means "a million cupcakes". He may or may not have gotten my exaggeration tendencies. I had so much fun making these. I was literally laughing and giggling the whole time. I got the idea off of Pinterest, and really, they were seriously easy to make. Judah and Miah loved to pull the ears off and squeal with glee that the monkey couldn't hear, and then they would eat an eye and giggle and scream that the monkey couldn't see. It was so much fun. 
Here are some picture from that day! Most of them were taken by my wonderful mother-in-law!!

This is my blueberry banana bread! I love making it. It was a little dry this time, but the new vanilla glaze I put on it really balanced it out. And it looked really pretty, so I was happy :) I'll do a post soon with the recipe! It's super easy.

My monkey mountain! 

Birthday boy :)

Pin the butterfly on the log!
After the party, this introvert was so done with people. I like you all, but I really like my alone time. So I was glad it was over, and glad Judah had tons of fun! He loves his presents, especially the batman car ramp his grandparents got him! He is definitely not in love with the batman blanket I got him. He kind of cries when he has to use it, but I think he's warming up to it...haha. But he definitely loves his new truck my husband and I got him! 

Can I be done with birthdays now??? Sheesh! :)


  1. Those cupcakes are so cute. Looks like it was great day!

    1. Thanks Shannon!! It was a great day!!!

  2. That bread was AMAZING. Jake still wonders if we can have the recipe?

    Thanks for allowing us to celebrate with you guys. We loved it. <3

    1. Yes! I will type it up tonight. :)

      Thanks for celebrating with us. we love you :)

  3. I made these cupcakes for my 2 year old on her birthday! You look SO busy... I cannot imagine 3 boys, whew, I'm tired just thinking about it!

    1. Aww really? That's awesome! Weren't they easy!?

      i am pretty busy...but it's fun most of the time! :) Lots of coffee and Jesus!!!


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