Thankfully Annoying

I'm mainly writing today because my husband is having a routine MRI this morning and, frankly, I am a basket of jumpy nerves. 

It's the 5th of November, which means we're 5 days into what some are calling, "Thankful November." You write one thing a day you are thankful for until Thanksgiving. I am participating, but every time I'm about to click 'post status' I always hesitate. Why? Why would I hesitate to post a status about the many blessings in my life, thanking God publicly for those little and big treasures?

I think it's because I don't want to come across as annoying. But then I stop and say, if people really think reading about people's blessings in their life is annoying, then they can just click that little X up there in the corner of my status and unsubscribe from my updates. Geeze, that's like saying baby hippos aren't cute, or they want to shoot Bambi. I think people on Facebook could benefit from reading some statuses about what people are thankful for, rather than all the complaints that flood the screen on a daily basis. 

And that's all I've got for that little rant. So just read my statuses and rejoice with me, or unsubscribe. At least I'm not participating in No Shave November. Be grateful.

All my love,

PS. I thought this was hilarious. Enjoy!


  1. Reading what you're thankful for may help others realize what they take for granted, so thank on. Like you said, if they get annoyed, then don't read it. Hope all is well:-)

    1. Right?! Thank you for the comment! :) All is most definitely well!

  2. I think posting about what you're thankful for is great! Keep with it. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I am so glad to have found yours. Your little ones smiling at me on your side bar are pretty darn adorable, and I just read your testimony. Holy cow, God is good! Thank you for sharing your journey. How loved you are by Jesus :)


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