Repeat after me...It's Ok...

It's ok that I sometimes put the washer on just so I can make dinner. In peace. And quiet. 

It's ok that conversation with new people makes me want to smack myself over the head with a brick in embarrassment. I really suck at conversation. But I'm trying. 

It's ok that I actually said the words, "I love laundry" this past week. I was "   " close to getting all the laundry done in the house, and then I died of exhaustion.

It's ok that my husband and I turned off the movie "The Grey" about 15 minutes in. That movie is seriously intense and way too graphic for this lady. Have you seen it? *Grimace*

It's ok that I wore pajamas 7 out of the past 8 days this week. My weeks have 8 days apparently. 

It's ok that my husband has to work this Saturday because he went in at 10am almost this whole week, and it was glorious. 

It's ok that my 3 year old says "I'm hungry" literally every 15 minutes. Even if he just ate 3 bowls of spaghetti, 2 pieces of cheesy bread a huge glass of milk. Growing boys, I'm learning, are going to be the reason we move into a trailer and park it right outside Sam's Club. 

It's ok that my computer is so slow I want to punch it and curse at it and throw it in a river to drown a violent watery death of doom and suffering. Because I'm getting a new one soon. And there will be an end to this anger and wanting to punch things. At least directed at my computer. :/

It's ok that all I want to do sometimes is be away from my house and read somewhere quiet and just sit without the possibility of someone coming over and pulling my pants down or throwing a dinosaur at my face or needing me to wipe his butt. That just doesn't happen at Barnes and Noble. 

It's ok. It's all ok. Because this life is quick and we're learning as we go, and I'm learning that no two lives look the same, and that's beautiful. 

Its Ok Thursdays
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  1. blessings to you, you a mommy of young ones!!!
    My kids are BIG!!! and I am still in my pj's!!!
    It's been refreshing to read your honesty as you mommy those babies- brings back memeories. Especially when my daughter was a baby and I felt my only friend was Barney! (you know the purple dinasaur)


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