How does a child grow?

How does a child grow?
by: Marybeth Thielke
How does a child grow?
Mama voice, at first.
Strong and soothing.
A pressure of her hand,
on behind, and foot.
Then the sweet, sweet smell,
of milk, and skin and hair.
The warmth of her arms,
the notes of her song.
The seed is growing with a fervor.
Watch, as green shoots and stretches.
Growing on smiles and color
and joy.
How does a child grow?
With faith in your strong hand,
as you guide the wobbly, hobbly steps.
With assurance, deep as the Sea,
in your anchoring, love-filled eyes.
Then with freedom...
as you let his hand go...
and he faces the world...
and walks away....
How does a child grow?
Too quickly,
Too quickly.



  1. Beautiful. Our little Coco...



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