Winter blues. Target to the rescue!

This winter, with it's grey clouds and snowy, blistery winds, has been keeping us cooped up inside. I find myself bleary and teary eyed more days than not, as hubs walks in and scoops up crying babe and screaming toddler. I've been losing motivation, as day in and day out, I try to keep a 1 year old, a two year old, and a three year old busy and happy. It's been hard. So very exhausting. I had lost inspiration and passion for what I was doing. We had the same old toys and the same old whatever, and I was stuck in this deep, boring rut. And I didn't want to stay there. My heart hurt because I wanted to be a joyful, creative Mama. I am a joyful and creative Mama, and I wanted to get there again.
So I got in my minivan, where I just so happen to pray my hardest and worship my purest, and I just cried out to God for a change. I was tired of staying at home with my boys. I was tired of playing with them. I had reached the point where I desperately needed a change of heart. And I knew the only way I would get it is if God gave it to me, because I was done.
And I realized, as I cried and told God that I wasn't cut out for this, that sometimes you just need a few simple changes to reinvigorate you, re-inspire you, and motivate you. I was making it too hard, and I was exhausting myself. And God showed me, sometimes you need little changes. Kids are easy to please, they really are.  They get excited about rocks and wind and blowing lint around on the kitchen floor.
One 20 minute prayer and a short trip to Target was all it took reinvigorated me, to give me back my passion, that passion that made us go to one income to make it possible for me to stay at home with my babies. I hadn't realized what I was missing, until I got to Target and realized we were out of paint and bubbles and all the little things that my kids love, that are cheap, and that bring so much excitement to a day. Not to mention, God did a work in my tired and weary heart, like only God can do.
I didn't bring everything all out on the first day. I'm spreading it out and I bring one or two things out a day. I got $1 straws that my kids adore, and actually drink all their milk out of. I got $1 play money that Miah just attached himself to and wouldn't let out of his sight. There was a box of alphabet cookies that were $1. Little bitty changes that meant the world to my boys, that we can play with from here on out, that re-inspired me to not only use what I had bought, but come up with ideas on my own, with stuff we already had around the house.
We started what I like to call, "The Habits Game." I found this goal sheet at Target for ONE DOLLAR, and instantly knew this would help our day. It's really for Jeremiah, but Judah follows us around and gets to put stickers on the page too. Miah loves it. And it only takes about 20-30 minutes to finish everything on the list. We get our beds made and our clothes picked up. We brush our teeth and exercise. And we make special time each day to read our Bibles and pray about whatever we want to pray about. Today, for example, Miah's prayer was, "Dear Jesus, please don't put me in a cage. In-da-name-a-da-Lowd Amen" And Judah's was, "Please hepp us at home." My heart squeezes with so. much. love.

 "I made my bed for the first time!"

We find ourselves laughing and enjoying each other's company more, and I actually want to play with them. And all it took was a few dollars and some creativity. Winter can be long and being cooped up inside can get really old, really fast. I survive by having play dates with other Mamas, letting my kids watch a bit of TV, having dance parties throughout the day, and just having fun with them! Don't make it too hard. A lot of life's problems can be fixed with simple answers. Pray. Play. Rest. Be quiet. Be thankful. Count your blessings. I have many blessings, and so do you friend....count them today!
Bath time in the morning- great fun, great time killer!


  1. I opened your post, got halfway through, and dug out the dollar store activity bin I forgot about.

    Thank you.

    (I read the rest just now.)

  2. Marybeth, I set out to do some work on my blog tonight and noticed your post. Your honesty and situation tugged at my heart. But what really got me was the solution...small changes make a difference, something that applies to so many woes. Thanks for your story. God bless, Diane

    1. Thank you Diane. It really is something that applies to so many woes. I all too often make a lot of situations more difficult than they need to be.

      Thank you for your comment!!

  3. Dear Mrs. Thielke,
    You are an amazing mommy! and I think I will use Miah's line in my next prayer "please don't put me in a cage" just to make Jesus laugh. Thanks for loving my boys.

    Trevor Thielke

  4. Bless you and your boys!!! sometimes we need a little drive:) I remember these days:)

    1. I need little drives quite really keeps me sane!!! :)

      Thanks for the comment friend

  5. You are an awesome mommy :) I did this same thing last week, made a much-needed trip to the dollar store for silly things and crafts. Makes such a big difference in how our long, cooped up winter days have been flowing. You are so not alone! Thankful for our Jesus who gets us through the Winter and makes Spring in our hearts :)

    1. Thanks Kendra!!! I don't feel like such an awesome mommy most of the time! :) That dollar store and the dollar section in stores is just amazing!


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