A great day for a picnic!

A blogger friend of mine wrote a post today and made the comment, " I feel like Spring didn't even happen. Winter left and summer arrived." And I can second that! It was snowing two weeks ago, and a couple days ago, it was 90 degrees!
Today has been gorgeous. A little over cast, a little windy, still hot, but the breeze and clouds make it nice and tolerable. So we grabbed some food and had a picnic out on the porch! The kids loved it! Here are some pictures!

"Grab the food and run, Coco!"

We had tons of fun on our first picnic of the season at home (we had a picnic with some friends a week ago!) Jericho squatted the entire time, which was super cute! And they all ate TONS more food than they usually do just sitting at the table...maybe we'll have to make this a regular thing?

I hope you are having a great summer, and making tons of memories!


  1. We've been spending more time outside too because the wind is so nice! Thankful for that or I may die from the Kansas heat!


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