I actually blogged! Woohoo! {an update}

All of the cousins!
I've been wanting to blog for a while now, but with my current situation, that is, having 4 kids 3 and under, 24 hours a day, there seems to be few moments I can spare for writing. But alas, here I am. Yay! I thought I would share some random thoughts with you about our life right now.

I've always wanted a house. Growing up, we never stayed in one place very long, and I've always cherished the idea of digging roots down deep into the soil of a piece of land I own. To settle, to build dreams, the give our boys somewhere to run and not have to worry about being too loud. And Trevor and I have a goal of getting a house next Spring, as long as we can minimize debt and build our emergency fund by then. But, time and again, I've been reminded that having a house isn't life's greatest acquirement. I read this just a few minutes ago... "Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young...Blessed are those who dwell in Your house; they will still be praising You." Psalm 83:3

I believe God eventually calls everyone to surrender that one thing they dearly hold on to. That one dream, that one desire, that one special love. And having a house of my own is my one thing. That doesn't mean it won't happen, but are we willing to lay these desires and dreams down at His feet, and trust Him with the outcome? Are you able to say, "I love You more than this. I want You more than this. You are more important than this." To dwell in the house of God is more valuable to me than to dwell in the house of myself.

And let's talk about keeping a house clean with 4 toddlers. Who does that? Honestly. I try. It's not happening. They are all walking, all able to pull stuff down and empty this and rip up that and it's just plain exhausting keeping up with them. So my motto is now this: If you can't beat em', join em'!" The other night in worship, God said to me, "It's OK to have a messy house." It's ok. I let myself off the hook. If my dishes are not done every day, that doesn't make me a bad person. If my living room looks like a tornado hit it, that does not make me a bad person. If having  a messy house means I can spend more time with these 4 children who need my love and attention more than ever right now, well, that's OK.

Jericho was not happy with the fact that he had to sit and get his picture taken.

And Spring is FINALLY here! I could just kiss mother nature if she was real! Yesterday, we spent almost all day outside. The kids slept better for nap, there was minimal fighting and screaming. We all felt rejuvenated. It was glorious! I love that I can just point to the door and say "Out!" and we don't even have to worry about coats or shoes. LOVING it!

Jericho is talking so much! His words include: Puppy, down, ball, no, kitty, and lots of other ones that I'm blanking on right now. I love this stage, where their personalities are just starting to shine through, and you catch glimpses of the little people they are! And Jeremiah and Judah are having so much fun this summer together. Yesterday they were playing Wild Kratts, where they were each one character from that show, and they were going on adventures together and running all around fighting bad guys. It was so fun to watch.

I'm trying to keep my eyes and heart focused on God, because I'm realizing that even if I miss one day in the Word or at His feet, I can so easily get swept away in the anxiety and the stress of my life right now. He brings so much peace in the middle of chaos. That doesn't mean my problems magically disappear. It doesn't mean I'm happy all the time. It means I trust Him with life, I know for a fact He is working and present, and anxiety flees.

I pray you are finding the rest you are needing, but only at His feet. I pray you are blessed with the knowledge that He loves you, He has good plans for you, He is there with you, and He is taking care of you. I pray that you know how beautiful you are, how incredibly special you are, and how much God adores you.



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