On turning 25

I had this elaborate post written out in my head. I was going to write the 25 lessons I've learned in 25 years of life. I was going to be poetic and deep and maybe throw in a touching and incredibly relevant quote from some intelligent person.

And then today showed up and I realized that I'm still a procrastinator at my old age. Dang it.

My husband keeps calling me an old lady, and with 2 1/2 years age difference, his being the cradle from which I robbed, I know 25 must seem like the peak of maturity and wisdom to his young self. And then I realize he has way more maturity and wisdom in his beard hairs than I ever will in my whole life, and I know he's just trying to pull my chain. My sister commented this morning, "You only have to worry when he stops making fun of you, because then that means he doesn't care anymore." Yes. Bring on the old lady jokes luvuh.

I feel slightly older than yesterday. Only because 25 is the last great milestone when it comes to coming of age to be able to do certain things. Now I can officially do everything. This latest birthday has granted me the ability to rent a car without paying immaturity tax. Score! I feel so mature and adultish.

Half way to 50. Quarter of the way to 100. 25 years behind me. Today is so...so, worth celebrating. I am so excited about getting older. I'm getting more wrinkles, mostly from wearing makeup, but some of them are from scowling at my children and husband, and some of them are from laughing, and I love that a face can record a life lived. I'll be 87 one day, hopefully, and I can sit with my grandchildren and say, "you see this wrinkle, right here above my left eye, the one that curves down slightly? That was from your daddy Judah constantly jumping off of tall heights and his utter disregard for safety in any and all forms." And I can point at my head of white and gray hair and say, "This. This is my crown. I earned every single one of these hairs. Every time your Grandpa Trevor missed a turn while we were driving. Every time the vacuum broke. Every time we over drafted in our bank account and didn't know how we were going to feed your parents. I earned this crown."

I say this until I actually get my first gray hair, who knows how I will react. I know if I got it right this very second, I would pluck it out and not tell any of you.

So here's to 25. Here's to {hopefully} 3 more sets of 25 year birthdays. Here's to leaving the last 25 years behind, not forgetting, but learning and moving on, and facing the next 25 years with grace and wisdom and adventure and no wrinkle cream. Here, here!

A Birthday Prayer

Jesus, it's been one heck of a 25 years.
I feel I've lived two lifetimes.
There have been many joys and so much laughter and so much I wouldn't do over.
And there has been so much loss and heartache. All those bottles you have, filled with my tears...sorry I'm taking up so much space. Although, you don't have to worry about that. You can just literally create more space. I love you.
I give these past 25 years to you, and I hope you are proud of me for how I have used them. I know there has been a lot of pot holes I've managed to get stuck in, a lot of people I've managed to piss off and hurt. But I also know I have tried really hard to be Jesus to some. I've forgiven some pretty hurtful people, and made amends where it hurt to.
I give you these next 25 years. Only you know how much longer I have, and I trust you that it's enough. Enough time to love those you put in my life. Enough time to get to know you more before I meet you face to face...a birthday is a great reminder than each day we are older, each day we are closer to meeting you. I can't wait. Well, I can. But I'm super excited.
I wish you would let me peek at the next 25 years...just a little peek, to see what things will look like 25 years from now...or even 10 years from now. But you know best, and you know that I need a lot of help just focusing on the moment here and now. I'm not even guaranteed those next 10 years. So I just lay the future at your feet, and trust you, and I must get back to frosting my double chocolate cake. Praise you for creating that cocoa bean pod thing. Praise you.



  1. Happy Birthday, darling friend!

    It seems so long ago I was celebrating my 1/4 century, but it really hasn't. Only five years or so.

    I found my first gray hair a few months ago!

    You're an incredible person, in so many ways, from your resilience to your ability to understand and be compassionate to the way you can get me smiling and laughing when I'm stressed. I'm so thankful you arrived in this world 25 years ago!

  2. So. Happy Birthday girl. So sorry I missed it. I have to laugh, because I didn't even get married until I was 25. And here you have three adorable boys. Glad that you are celebrating another birthday. My world is better for knowing you and reading your heart here.


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