Dear Coco-

Dear Coco,

     My baby...well, you are not really a baby anymore, are you? I was holding you in the hospital one minute, then I blinked, and here you are, 18 months old and talking in sentences and running around with the big boys, and using a big boy spoon. I just can't even stand how big you are.
     I see how you try and copy everything the big boys do. My heart just swells when you want to get on that bike, climb that ladder, play that game. You don't understand why you can't do the things they can do. But you try, you try so hard. One day too soon you will be able to everything they do right now, but they will be a few steps ahead of you for a while my love. You'll get there baby boy.
    Your favorite things right now are waking up from nap and while you are still half asleep asking for "cookie!" and "ousside!" So you and I sit outside on the pavement and eat cookies and enjoy the silence. You love to play with Mommy, too. We wrestle and I tickle your neck and you just laugh, and I kiss your pudgy little baby face. I can't get enough of you! We roll around and giggle and I'm in heaven. Pudgy baby heaven.
     You LOVE being Batman. Any time you see Batman, you say, "nanana COCO!"
     I can't even stand the thought that you are close to being 2. Let's just focus on 18 months. The future will come all too quickly.
    I love you my Coco Roos.
Love, Mommy


  1. Newsweek my nephew baby face coco. So sweet

  2. You're such a wonderful mother!! Your mom and Grandma I know are so proud of you. Thank you for sharing :)


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