Flipping the page to a new chapter...thank You, Jesus!

I feel stuck. In a rut. With writing, and just life in general. I'm coming out of a very difficult season. One where I've been run into the ground, and slowly rebuilt, but it's been a long, horrible process. I've been faced with a lot of my humanness, and it just doesn't feel great. Necessary, but extremely uncomfortable. 

I've contemplated ending my blog. I love writing, but I feel like I've come to a place where it's just not fun anymore. Not a passion. Not something I do for me anymore. I'm not sure how to write more frequently, which is something that is hard for me. Especially during this past season. But I want to! So.incredibly.much. I have all these ideas and posts and no desire to finish them. I have so many posts started, and just no spark to finish writing them and hit publish. 

I decided I won't end my blog. And I've also decided I am going to pour a lot more of myself into it. I love writing too much to just stop because life gets in the way. And now that this season of my life is coming to an end, I feel like I can devote more time to my passions; writing, photography, mothering, making my house a place of refuge and peace. I've honestly felt nothing but chaos, everywhere, all the time, the past 6 months. I pray I can clear my head and heart and come back to a place of rest and focus. And get a new blog name and design. Because this just isn't working for me anymore! 
Click It Up A Notch
So I'm going to be doing Project 365. Starting November 1st, I'll be documenting life everyday this next year, through my photography. I am so excited about this. I'll be able to focus on my photography more, write more about my babies, help you get to know our family more, and really just enjoy life! Yay!

I don't know how to use any Manual settings on my camera, nor do I have great editing software. Hopefully, during this next year, both of those things can happen! For the beginning of Project 365, I'll be shooting in Automatic and using iPiccy to edit my pictures. :) No judgement please!

So that's how I am going to kick on this new season of life. I hope you will join me! It's going to be a fun ride. 


  1. I'm excited to see the new posts!! I always love getting to read about your lives! I can't wait for the new stuff!!

  2. I'm glad you aren't closing down your blog. I look forward to seeing your life unfold through your photography.


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