"Is this worth it, Lord?"


I see your tears. 

I see your heart that has a break in it visible only to Me. 

I know the thoughts of your mind...

"Will it ever be over? The pain? The endless struggle? The not knowing? The days filled up with longing for peace and wholeness and justification?" 

I am here to breathe life back into your weary heart.

It will be worth it. 

All of it. 

The illness. The struggle. The death. 

The pain. The searing, crippling pain. 

The emptiness. 

When you stand before me on that day, when death has been defeated...not just overcome, but vanquished...

When there are no more tears. Ever.

When my Light is the Light of the world. 

When wounds and even scars are healed in the blink of an eye. 

When you see My face. When you hear My voice. When you feel My touch.

I am no stranger to your suffering. 

You cry out, "Lord! Do you see?!"

I do! I see and I feel and I know. And I am there. Always. 

When forgiveness costs more than you can give. 

When grace doesn't feel like grace.

When no one else hears you.

Trust me. This present suffering is nothing compared to what is to come. And I do not say that lightly. 

Keep your eyes on Me. 

Keep your thoughts on Me. 

I will help you overcome. Even now. Giving you life abundant, even now. 

It is worth it. It IS worth it. 


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