Where I verbally throw up all over and ask you to extend grace. On identity

I turn my phone off and sigh. That small device can be such an enormous peace-sucker. I have to leave it in another room; the pull to click it on and look at the screen is pulling on me, like the moon on the ocean tides. Relentless. Never ending. Soft and strong and powerful.

I have deleted every app on my phone. My mind was so full of beeps and rings and dings I wanted to take my phone and bash it into the ant-riddled sidewalk. But it's expensive, so I'll make due with turning it off and losing it. For now, there is space around my mind to do the heavy thinking. The deep, cavernous thinking I must do.

I'm sitting here, in my family room, coffee cup perched a mere inches away, the filter from our turtles aquarium gurgle burbling loudly, and I feel like Gumby. Do you know who Gumby is? That stretchy, silly, green thing of a cartoon? I feel my heart and my soul and my mind being stretched....miles and light-years beyond what they are capable of.

I have tapped in "identity crisis" into good ol' Google, and was left feeling even more lost. I had thought I was going through some sort of identity crisis, and yet everything I researched read something like, "if you lost a boyfriend or a job or a spouse, and you feel as if part of you is missing...." No. There is no loss right now. There is no "part" of me missing. I am missing. I feel like I am an island without land. A planet with no mass.

Psycho-analyze myself. Ok. So you've always felt like hiding, your true, youer than you self. If you stood out, you'd get hit. If you spoke up, you'd get hit. If you stood up, you'd get hit. And that meant no love. And your heart, it broke for love. It yearned and it cried and it wept for love. You crawled back to those who beat you, for love. It was you, they said. You're the reason I'm doing this. You are the one who's broken. You are the one who is incomplete and incapable of being normal.

When you live 25 years looking the other way of yourself, trying to forget you exist, praying hard you fit in and look like every other good little Christian, and you wake up one day and say, "Fuck this, who the hell am I anyways?" and people gasp and say, "Did she just say the 'F' WORD?! She must be strayin' from the LAWD! Someone send her a bible verse! Quick! Message her and let her know we are prayin' for her dear soul!" It MESSES with your mind. Am I in danger of eternal damnation because I dare to speak a word that holds absolutely no meaning to me, and yet is written down in someone's book as sin? Am I in danger of eternal damnation because I want to dye my hair pink and get a tattoo and dance a little and scream and do crazy stuff I've never dared do for fear of standing out?

All these questions I've felt trapped inside of me. for so many years. And with the death of my step-dad, my grandmother, the two who kicked me to the ground and held a foot on top of me for 25 years and made sure I never got up...when they died, it was like an invisible cord was cut free. All these questions came screaming back into daylight. I grabbed them, before they could hide away in the corner of my heart labeled "sinful and bad." I held them and I felt them and I tasted them and you know what? I'm different.

I'm not the same person I was 6 months ago. I woke up that morning and said, "Fuck this, I don't want to be fat anymore. I don't want to be brunette. I don't want to be silent because I'm afraid. I don't want to be a lesser version of myself because they judge. I don't want to miss out on the extremity of life because they are afraid of taking chances. Screw THAT." And so it's been this wild ride. This feeling pulled in a million directions because I'm not sure which way to go yet.

And God? Oh God. He's pursuing me. I feel it. I feel Him hot on my heels. I feel His breath on my neck, His eyes on my back, hear His heart beating wild so closely. I feel Him closer than He's ever been. How can He be so patient with us awful, wretched souls? Even those of you who are living a "pure and straight" path, damnit,  you still fall short every single day, and it HURTS Him. And He doesn't give up on any of us. The endlessness of His love, it just breaks me wide open and all I want to do is run to Him, and not away from Him, because I know....THAT'S where I'll find my true identity. He is where I'll find myself. Not in bars or cursing or pink hair or whatever it is I feel like trying.

Why do we get so offended when someone else sins? Why does it bother us so much? Why are we not so much more bothered by our own sin? Does it even really affect you? Really? Can you not just trust that God is sovereign and I love Him and I'm trying and together God and I will get there, but in the mean time I'm trying?

This has been cathartic. Writing it all out. It's long, and if you read it all I'm your new best friend and you should message me and we'll talk and possibly go out for coffee. If the "F word" makes you uncomfortable then good. I like to make people uncomfortable lately. I want to shake people up and say "For the love of GOD wake up! there's more to life than this!" I want to rip apart rules and "do this" and "you MUST do that because I say so" and ask God, "screw that, what do YOU want me to do?"

Love you.



  1. I relate to this post so much! Like everything.... being lost. Being judged.... wanting to get away by finding your way to yourself. .. I typed another post. But I signed in and I don't know if it went through. .. be you as much as you can god the only one who judgement matters.

    1. Love this Tiffany. And I love you. Thank you for commenting and being you. <3

  2. All I can say, dearest, is that I wish you had been our daughter. We love you! Your blog is so deep and draws people in. Your journey is so real. In our Sunday school class we always emphasize to the kiddos that Jesus died for that little white lie as much as for a "big" sin. That in His eyes, there is no distinction between sin. Maybe different consequences, but in God's eyes it's ALL elevated here (raise hands as high as I can reach). Thank you for sharing your faith journey openly and honestly with us!!!

    1. You don't know how many times I have wished just that!!! You two would have been the best parents for me!!!! I'm so glad I can have you in my life. You guys are so awesome!! I love you dearly!!


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